Jake... Another Little Piece of My Heart
Jake... Another Little Piece of My Heart from Hannah Montana Season 3, Episode 16
Hannah Montana episode
Season 3
Production code 304
Broadcast number 71
Written by Douglas Lieblein
Directed by Roger S. Christiansen
Original Air date June 7, 2009

"Jake... Another Little Piece of My Heart" is an love-themed episode Hannah Montana.


After a concert Hannah finds Traci in Las Vegas and is shocked to find that she is planning to marry Jake. Hannah, Lilly and Robbie all try to tell them that they're too young to get married but the wedding is still going to go ahead. A horrified Hannah tries to ruin the wedding, only to find out that it was not a real one but is in fact a joke for the TV Series "Gotcha". Near the end, Hannah kisses Jake to prove that she feels nothing for him. This is proved wrong, as both of them are showed to have enjoyed the kiss, even after denying that they had any feelings whatsoever for one another. Meanwhile Rico plans to ruin Jackson's date, by getting Rico's cousins to come and annoy Jackson. However at the end, Jackson's date says that she thinks Jackson is good with kids, and goes in for a kiss, only to be sneezed on by Jackson.



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